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Your holidays in Gascony

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Our villages : photos... fleche
Coquille Saint JacquesCoquille Saint Jacques - Chemin de Compostelle

Four beautiful villages

The medieval city of Sarrant

   With its circular shape 'wrapped' around its church, Sarrant is listed since 1999 among France's most beautiful villages. The visitor gets into the surrounding walls, by the town's rib door made of beautiful stones surmouted by its exeptional defence tower. The enclosure had kept its medevial nature with its paved streets lined with half-timbered and corbel arch houses.

Worth seeing :

  • The tower, the XIV century town door, surmounted by a small bell.
  • The southern gothic style Saint Vincent Church.
  • The chapel of Notre-Dame de la Pitié built in the XVII century.
  • The village fountain and its roman base.

The Castellum of Mauvezin

   Capital of the Fezensaguet since 920, mentioned in 1142 in the register of the Gimont Abbey, this castellum was opened in the XIII century with the characteristics of a fortified town : covered market, beautiful buildings with arcades surrounding the large square, suburbs in the lower part of the townn.

Worth seeing :

  • The bell tower of Saint Michel's church (listed a 'Historic Monuments' in 1930).
  • The Temple built in 1832
  • The Covered market of the XIV century.
  • The house of Henri IV and the house of Jeanne d'Albret.
  • The wash house and the fountain of Saint-Cère.

The fortified town of Monfort

    Founded in 1275, the village consists in orthogonal streets and a central square lined with houses and galleries ("hambans"). The covered market standing in the middle of the square was built in 1852 to replace the council house. This typical fortified town seduces with its medieval aspect, its old stones and indiscutable charm...

Worth seeing :

  • The church of the XIV century dedicated to Saint Clément.
  • The renovated organs and a XVII century "maître-autel.
  • The birth house of the Gascony poet : Salluste du Bartas
  • The parts of the medieval walls with the "Tute du Loup"
  • The wash house with its fountain and watering place.
  • The Saint Blaise chapel (1km away).

The fortified town of Solomiac

    The rectangular fortified town is organised around a beautiful covered market of the XIV century and a square with ornamented arcades of the and half-timbered houses.

Worth seeing :

  • The church and its octogonal bell tower.
  • The dovecot of Camusat (listed).
  • The Jourdain castle(private).
  • The district fountain with triangular pediment and a sculpted cornice.