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Our village : photos... Around Bouvées fleche

The Village and surroudings

The Bouvées Hamlet

  If you like peace, leaving the motorways from Toulouse, Agen or Montauban you will reach a warm and bright area of France. Located in the South West of France in a hilly landscape, Bouvées is a tiny village made of white stones and pink tiles inviting you for a walk or a stroll.
  In the little village streets you may meet nice people eager to tell you where to find hiking paths, buy "foie gras" or explain the history of the village ...

  Let's talk about history to better understand :
   With the French Révolution, all the parishes are promoted to the rank of "communes".
  The "Charters and Customs" system (binding the communities to lords) was abolished, making it hard for a little communes to become autonomous. To avoid being absorbed by big ones they decided to unite.
  On the 24th of July 1823, the town Council's ratified the union of Labrihe and Bouvées as one "commune".

The commune of Labrihe

  Nowadays, the commune of Labrihe, exclusively rural, spreads over 9,44 km². The are 224 "labrigeoises and labrigeois" making it the fifth most populated commune of the canton (out of fifteen).

Main points of interest :

  • The church of Bouvées ( rebuilt in 1879 ).
  • The castle of Bouvées ( 1530 - 1560 ).
  • The church of Labrihe of the XIIIè or XIVè century.
  • The castle of Labrihe ( private ).
  • The wash house of Bouvées and its fountain which.
  • The wash house of Bouvées and its fountain..
  • The "Fountain of the Juge" and différent wells.
  • Discover the rich fauna and the flora while walking many hike paths.